Family Service – Sunday 10am

Our weekly family service is held on Sundays, starting at 10am. After each service, we share morning tea and time of fellowship.


The Uniting Church SA seeks to be an innovative, growing church proclaiming Jesus Christ, empowered by the Spirit to transform God’s world. Read More.

The Uniting Church is a young church – formed on 22 June 1977, when the Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches united to become one. The Basis of Union is the document which affirms our Christian faith and is the guide to what is central to the life of the Uniting Church in Australia. Read the Basis of Union here.


In 1844, the Congregational Church built a place of worship in what is now the McLaren Vale township, and which was also used by other denominations for worship. The heritage-listed chapel, which has undergone significant restoration work since its establishment, still stands today on Aldersey Street.

In 1861, on land adjacent to the chapel, a beautiful and much larger church was built. This church was home to a strong congregation up until the Second World War. After the war, the congregation rapidly declined and eventually closed, amalgamating with the McLaren Vale Methodist congregation some years prior to the union of the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches as the Uniting Church in Australia.

In August 1849, there was a land grant for a Methodist Church at Bellevue (one of the two villages that later formed McLaren Vale). This was on land adjacent to the current Uniting Church at 261 Main Road, McLaren Vale.

On 16 November 1857, a foundation stone was laid for a new Wesleyan Chapel, which was 29x18ft and built in a Gothic Style, and this building was opened the following year.

Various additions were made in 1887 and 1898, and a kindergarten room was built on the rear of the church in 1924.

By the early 1980s, the condition of the church was causing concern. Eventually it became unsafe, and services were held at the McLaren Vale Lutheran church until the new church was finished in December 1988.

Consideration was given to moving to the Congregational Church but this was discounted, due to limited parking and site problems. It was the sale of this property that largely contributed to the cost of building the new church.

The McLaren Flat Church was also demolished because it had become unsafe and the congregation had declined.

Cemeteries are maintained next to the old Congregational Chapel, the current church site, the McLaren Flat property and at Bethany.


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